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  N O T   T E S T E D   O N   A N I M A L S ! For the list vouch Klub OK! and FWZ.

About the certificate

You will obtain the certificate, as soon as you complete the Cruelty-free Declaration. It is free and it doesn't involve any further procedure. A company which has obtained the certificate can break the contract any time without consequences - they only need to inform Klub OK! about their decision within a month preceding the introduction of a new non-cruelty-free product.

Certificate-holder benefits:
  1. Your brand name will be put on the international cruelty-free list. There are at least several million people all over the world who take it very seriously and that's why they pick cruelty-free products only.
  2. The cruelty-free list can be found on many websites, and it's also distributed in the form of paper copies (several thousand copies each year in Poland).
  3. Your brand name will also appear in many ecological leaflets, brochures, magazines and radio programs.
  4. You can improve the image of your company, which may even prove important for those customers who don't pay so much attention to the animal protection issues.
  5. You are getting accustomed to the European legislation requirements (more and more countries forbid animal experimentation). Both the law and your customers will only get stricter, so it may be a good idea to start right now with procedures that will allow you in the future to introduce new technologies and avoid any possible legal obstacles. To sum up, your company is already making changes which sooner or later would have to be made anyway.
  6. Considering all the competition within a cosmetic products market, your cruelty-free certificate may be your real advantage!
  7. You may gain new customers, if you resign from animal ingredients - just think of all that fear effected by the mad cows disease and many other animal diseases! Even substances like collagen or elastine can be substituted with respective plant compounds (e. g.: plant collagen). Herbal substances lower the risk of developing allergies.
Presented below is a model declaration that you need to complete and sign, if you want to obtain your certificate.

cruelty-free Declaration
for OK! Certificate

On behalf of /"YOUR COMPANY"/ (/YOUR ADDRESS/) I hearby declare that:
  1. /"YOUR COMPANY"/ has not been testing its products on animals for the past 5 years as well as has not been using any ingredients which had previously been animal tested by other companies or agencies.
  2. The products of "YOUR COMPANY" do not include any ingredients coming from slaughtered animals (e. g.: collagen, elastine) and have never been obtained through surgery. The only acceptable animal products are dairy and bee products, as well as lanoline, eggs and sea shell extracts.
  3. "YOUR COMPANY" can only be discharged from liability to keep to the terms of the contract, if you contact Klub OK! within a month from a planned breach of the contract. Please, use priority mail (our address: ul. Brzeczkowicka 5b/36, 41-412 Myslowice, Poland). The certificate expires after 2 years. In order to reenact your certificate, you need to resign your declaration.
/The name of the representative of "YOUR COMPANY" in print/

/Signature (in handwriting), seal, date/

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