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  N O T   T E S T E D   O N   A N I M A L S ! For the list vouch Klub OK! and FWZ.

What are the cruelty-free companies?

The cruelty-free companies make products which are not tested on animals and which do not contain ingredients derived from slaughtered animals. These products are suitable for vegetarians. Analyzed data sources: BUAV, Deutscher Tierschutzbund, Tier - und Naturschutzverein Humanitas, The American Anti-Vivisection Society, PETA, Proefkoneen, Klub OK!. The list is kept under public control. If you believe a given company should be deleted from or added to the list, please, contact us enclosing some kind of evidence that you're right - be sure, we will consider your suggestions!

How can I use the list? Look closely at the brand name, e. g.: Rümke Klaus means you have to see both R and K letters. You may also use the search option. Product names are put in brackets. Make a copy of the list for your friends. Wherever you go, take the list with you - you never know when you're gonna need it!

Here is criterion of the Klub OK!:
  1. The company has not tested any products or ingredients on animals (within the last 5 years).
  2. The company does not commission the tests to other companies or institutions.
  3. The company does not use any ingredients, which have been tested on animals within the last 5 years.
  4. Their products do not contain ingredients derived from slaughtered animals (collagen, gelatin, melatonine, tallow and other extracts from animals).
  5. The company gives lawful guaranty that it is true.
Our cruelty-free list includes only those companies that met the above requirements!

How can I obtain your certificate? In order to obtain a free cruelty-free certificate you need to click.

Information on the packages

It is pretty common that companies decorate their packages with "Not tested on animals" or with a picture of a rabbit. Can you trust it? Briefly speaking, NO, you can't! This kind of information you find on products may be logically correct, but it's definitely misleading. For example:
  • "This product has not been tested on animals" - it doesn't say exactly when, which means that, say, a year ago that product might have been tested on animals. It doesn't say anything about the ingredients, either (so the ingredients could have been animal tested). What more, there is absolutely no mention whether the prototype has, or has not been animal tested (this particular antiperspirant has not been tested, but its prototype - other antiperspirants in the same line might have been animal tested). Finally, you don't know if the company doesn't test other products (except for that one).
  • "We do not test our products on animals" - it doesn't say whether the ingredients have or have not been tested on animals, and it makes it possible to have the products tested by other companies or agencies. It is quite popular nowadays to have the products tested by independent companies rather than test them yourself. The same applies to ingredients.
  • Rabbit pictures - each company may design its own "rabbit" and put it on the product. This kind of picture means nothing at all and from the legal point of view it would be taken for just another decoration. There are, though, registered trademarks which have been designed by the animal rights organizations, but an average customer cannot tell the difference between them and the fake ones.
All that means that the only competent source of information regarding cosmetic products are the cruelty-free lists provided by respectable ecological organizations.

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